4th Fridays

Creative Explorations — Color, Collage, Words & More!

Are you looking for a way to re-connect with your creativity? Do you know how to wield a glue stick? Use scissors? Tear paper? You’re in!

Please join me for 4th Fridays, a monthly gathering for creative play in a nurturing, safe space.  You’ll have a chance to use your hands, mess around with images and color, maybe splash some words around.

Each month I’ll provide a starting point or a prompt to get us going. But the few hours we spend together on 4th Fridays give us permission to explore different might not have done since you were a kid: use your hands, play around with  images and pictures, and see what they have to say to you. Welcome your creative impulses, see where they take you, and know that there’s no judgement here at all.

SoulCollage® is a process designed to open a path to the heart, and give us back a joyful way to nurture our creative spirit. We’ll use SoulCollage® processes as starting points for some of our play, but adapt it for our own needs.

What if I’m not ‘creative’? And don’t know anything about art?
Please come visit! This is all about exploration — none of us is making great art here, and we’re all trying new things. The basis of SoulCollage® is to tear or cut images from magazines or other sources, and glue them to pre-cut cards — and then listen to their stories. We’ll start here for many of our 4th Fridays.

Cost: The first time you come is always free — I’d love to have you come by and see what it feels like to play — no judgement, no commitment, no experience necessary! When you come back, the cost is $15.00 – $25.00 per meeting, at your discretion. 

What is SoulCollage®? A process developed by Seena Frost to give her clients a way to tell their stories with images. Find out more about about the roots of SoulCollage®.

Where?:  Please rsvp to let me know you’re coming, and I’ll send along the location.  kathleen.paul@gmail.com