About me . . .

Hello! Right now, in this phase of my life, I’m a Creative Depth Coach, Soul Collage® facilitator, teacher, writer, and writing coach who also offers professional copyediting and developmental editing as part of my coaching packages.

I’m also a sixty-something mother, grandmother, and am happily sharing life with my true love. And, most importantly for this introduction: I believe in stories.

I take a holistic approach to coaching that’s rooted in a deep commitment to creative and spiritual discovery in many traditions. I believe that connecting to our own voices and true stories lets us embrace our lives with grace and compassion.

Throughout my life, from the time I was small, stories let me soar and grounded me, too. While I have much to be grateful for, I’ve also lived through the usual fits and starts of life (being a child, a parent and a grandparent, losing loved ones, finding true love, thriving in several careers in wildly different fields, — you get the idea!).

For me, the magic of words and the beauty of images, of color, light and sound, create an intricate thread of seeking. I’ve loved learning about and exploring traditional mainstream faiths, charismatic communities, shamanic practices, as well as the practices of tarot, astrology, yoga. I pay attention to emerging studies about how our physical, spiritual and emotional lives are so intricately intertwined, and I actively explore the ways that our energies interact with the world around us.  

I’d love to hear your story, and offer you a different way to explore dreams, your creative impulse, your true voice. Give me a call or send me an email if you’d like to talk a bit about what that might look like for you! You can reach me at: 503-706-0691. kathleen.paul@gmail.com

  • Credentialsplease feel free to ask any questions about my background and skills. International studies, volunteer work, and college and university teaching haven’t been listed out in detail below.

    • Creative Depth Coach: certified through JourneyPath Institute
    • JourneyCircles™ Facilitator
    • SoulCollage® Facilitator
    • Professional training through Editorial Freelancers Association in copyediting and developmental editing
    • MA, Creative Writing, Johns Hopkins University
    • MA, Literature, Middlebury College
    • Advanced studies in literature, writing, graphic design, information management, security & privacy and more
    • 25 years of executive leadership, teaching, coaching and mentoring in private and public sector organizations — areas of responsibility ranged from traditional academic work to implementations of disruptive technology.