The Next Step: Making Your Writing Project Whole

Are you ready to take your writing to the next stage?
Imagine having 6 months of committed attention focused on your work.

How far can you get to your completed draft, or a version that’s ready for professional editing? If you’ve been working on a manuscript (yes, you can call it that!), if you’re ready for the way the creative energy of a committed group can support your work, and help keep you accountable, then this workshop may be just right for you. 

Our next group starts September 28, 10:00 am — 2:00 pm.
At the initial, scheduled meeting, we’ll finalize meeting dates and times to accommodate everyone’s schedule. The small size makes this possible.

Overall Meeting Schedule: We’ll meet for a 4 hour group session once a month for 6 months, September 2019 through March 2020, with no meetings in December.
Individual Sessions: You’ll meet with me 3 times in individual sessions over the 6 months. These sessions include a detailed review of your working manuscript, and a focus on particular concerns or issues. Additional 1:1 sessions are available at a discounted rate.

Why Bother? This is the most important question for anyone considering this kind of workshop — and I’ve signed up for, dropped out of, or never started, my share of classes and workshops so I get it. Is it worth your time?

Well, YES. Here’s why: The in-depth working sessions will focus on key areas of development for every writer, and specifically those that affect the project you’re working on.
The primary goal of this workshop is to help you see your project as a whole, address the key inconsistencies and confusions that plague all of us, and resolve them in ways that let you move your project ahead instead of feeling that stuck, or ready to settle for less than what you know the project deserves.

A Customized Approach: Because each group of writers has different needs and the overlapping areas of interest are distinct, the specific focus for each group and each individual will vary — I essentially customize the workshop to you and where your project is at the moment. That’s one reason I like to work with small groups.

Here’s what you can expect: I’m happy to talk about any of these details in a free, 30 minute call — just send me a note to schedule a time.

  • a safe place to bring your work, and the concerns, doubts, and excitement that go along with drawing from any creative source. I’m committed to holding a safe, non-threatening welcoming space for you and your work.
  • a chance to learn more about the things that trip up most writers, no matter what kind of writing you’re doing: pacing, character development, plot devices, continuity, how to establish a setting that feels real, even if you’re writing a fantasy — we’ll talk about all of this and more.
  • solid, in-depth feedback — this is what you can count on me for — giving you feedback and suggestions on the key success factors: are you writing in your authentic voice? are you writing from your heart — even if you think you’re writing pulp fiction? are your characters believable as people? Is the dialogue realistic?
  • a group made up of experienced writers — because if you have something that you’ve been working on, you’ve moved past the place of beginning.
  • guided and facilitated feedback from others — we’ll establish ground rules, talk about how the feedback loop works in these kinds of creative groups — it can be tough, but it can also be compassionate and provide breakthroughs.

How much?   $450. Payment plans are available.

Interested? Questions? Please send me an email, and we’ll schedule a time to talk—with no “selling” from me—I can’t stand it when someone does that to me, and I believe that if we can work together, that will be clear when we chat.